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Theatrical political and informational movies, are fast-moving documentary movies that feel like you're watching blockbuster movies instead of boring political speeches. This is a new level of media. hard facts and information - in an easy-to-understand and entertaining format.

I will ONLY be posting the most IMPORTANT documentaries on this website; movies you won't see on TV. If you want to watch BS and propaganda - just turn on your TV. If you want to learn about topics that mainstream media doesn't have the balls to tell you about, this website was built for people like you.

These documentaries are also listed on the appropriate pages throughout this website. Use the channel guide above to navigate through this website (or use the FULL LIST of channels at the bottom of each page). If anyone wants personal recommendations based on specific topics, you can ASK A PATRIOT!

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The World According to Monsanto Esoteric Agenda KYMATICA
Zeitgeist, the Movie Zeitgeist Addendum ENDGAME Blueprint for Global Enslavement


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