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Table of Contents

  1. "Off The Grid" Radio Show
    1. Monsanto 101
    2. Renewable Energy
    3. Dr. Andrew Moulden
    4. Story of Nikola Tesla
    5. Water Fluoridation
    6. Vaccines 101
    7. GMO Food Additives
    8. Vaccines + Autism
    9. Codex Alimentarius
  2. Industrial Hemp
    1. Biomass + Biofuels
    2. Paper or Plastic?
    3. Organic BioFuel
    4. Shelter & Medicine
  3. Radio & Talk Shows

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Welcome to USA Patriot Radio! Listen to underground radio shows...

One night while working I was invited to call in on a new internet radio show airing on BlogTalk Radio - to discuss one of my favorite topics: Monsanto. It's a live radio show with live chat and live callers asking tough questions. The hosts were so impressed with my presentation as well as my exclusive independent research, that they asked me to be a permanent "co-host" along with two other brilliant activists (Mike & Jackie) whom were also interested in a lot of the same topics that I research. I did 8 more weekly shows with the other cohosts. If the other topics bore you, fast forward and listen for my voice - each show was 2 hours long.

My best presentations were lectures based upon my independent research on my favorite topics, which I was allowed the freedom to choose. My favorite show was "The Story of Nikola Tesla". My presentation on renewable energy was awesome too! The highlight of doing these shows was meeting a hero of mine Dr. Andrew Moulden, and being allowed the opportunity to ask him some of the most important questions about vaccines, autism, and our body's natural ability to heal itself. My fluoridation presentation was also one of the most complete presentations ever recorded.

I was asked by the producer if I knew enough to give a presentation on medical marijuana - since the topic is so popular among people who are recently becoming interested in politics after learning about Ron Paul's *POLICY* of "legalizing freedom". Instead, I did a little research and wrote up some notes about INDUSTRIAL hemp to replace our oil imports...

Not only did I find that my hypothesis was possible - I found it necessary for every reason conceivable: from an economic standpoint, for national security, for health reasons, from a moral perspective, in order to develop and evolve civilization in a new creative GREEN revolution. Unfortunately, after a couple weeks I realized that the man whose research I was using for a lot of my leads, had mysteriously DIED while on tour giving lectures a few months earlier, that same year. So I used the notes from my lecture to create an entire website full of resources; it now has thousands of fans.


"Off The Grid" Radio Show #OTG

Monsanto 101

Renewable Energy:
Geothermal Power

radio radio


Dr. Andrew Moulden 101

The Story of Nikola Tesla

radio radio


Public Water Fluoridation

Vaccines 101

radio radio


GMO Food Additives,
Aspartame, rBGH/ rBST Milk

Dr. Andrew Moulden on
Vaccines + Autism

radio radio


Codex Alimentarius



Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp (1of4)
Biomass + Biofuels 1-4

Industrial Hemp (2of4)
"Paper or Plastic?" 5-7

radio radio


Industrial Hemp (3of4)
Organic BioFuel 8

Industrial Hemp (4of4)
Shelter, Medicine 9-10

radio radio


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