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BP Chaplain Lindsey Williams
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Lindsey Williams is a Baptist minister who was the chaplain at BP Oil in the Northern Slopes of Alaska in 1971 and was given executive status on the boards of 10 oil corporations after they realized this minister could be "used" as a way to control their workers.

Lindsey "predicted" $4-$5/gallon gasoline at his speech at the Granada Forum on Oct 24, 2007 (when gas was $2.77) - and recently "predicted" $1.50 gasoline then AND on July 28, 2008 (when gas was $3.96). Lindsey is all but blacklisted from the Internet since a death threat from an oil tycoon in 2008 (most likely a former CEO of BP).

Lindsey Williams BLACKLISTED: Death Threats

Book: The Energy Non Crisis (1980)

Lindsey Williams The Energy Non Crisis Jonathan May formerly worked for the International Monetary Fund in England.

Lindsey Williams Speeches:

The Alex Jones Show - October 27, 2009
With Lindsey Williams

The Alex Jones Show - October 23, 2009
With Lindsey Williams

The Alex Jones Show - October 19, 2009
With Lindsey Williams

12-1-2008 Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones TV:
The Coming Global Economic "CRASH"

$50/barrel crude oil

Alex Jones Show - 07-28-08
Dr. Stanley Monteith & Lindsey Williams

10-2007 Lindsey Williams - The Energy Non-Crisis


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