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David Nolan
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Libertarian Party What is the Libertarian Party?

David Nolan ran for Senate AGAINST McCain in 2010
David Nolan was the founder of the Libertarian Party; Nolan mysteriously died after "having a stroke while driving"... less than a month after losing the 2010 Senate election in Arizona, running against the much more famous Republican, former presidential candidate John McCain.

The concept of being a Libertarian destroys the whole left / right paradigm by focusing on the issues (personal and economic beliefs) and combining the best of both worlds to limit government control (maximize freedom) and oppose government spending (minimize taxes). The people testing opposite the Libertarians on the Nolan chart, are classified as statists, fans of big government.

David Nolan created a brief quiz that quickly spread among patriot on the Internet and became known as "the world's smallest political quiz". It plots you on a chart based on your answers to questions about your personal beliefs and political opinions regarding BOTH social AND economic issues.

"Perhaps more than any other contest this year, the battle for the seat currently held by John McCain offers an opportunity to contrast the ideas of liberty with the big-government philosophy that now dominates the GOP."
— David Nolan

"As Arizona's Senator I will work to end the personal income tax and cut Federal spending by at least 50%. We must restore a sound money system (end the Federal Reserve Bank), stop bailing out big banks and favored corporations, phase out entitlement programs, and cut military spending. We can strengthen our economy by reducing regulations and providing tax credits for innovative, productive businesses." — David Nolan

"We should end all overseas wars as soon as possible and focus on defending the United States itself. I heartily endorse Thomas Jefferson's call for "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations -- entangling alliances with none." We must control (not seal) our borders to make it easier for honest, productive people to enter the USA, while excluding terrorists and criminals." — David Nolan

"Civil liberties have been badly eroded since 9/11/2001. We must restore our lost freedoms and end police-state measures including the "Patriot Act." Our right to self defense must be protected; we have a fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Anyone accused of a crime should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. I oppose any type of mandatory ID program." — David Nolan

The Nolan Chart - Libertarian Compass


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