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President of the United States
Sheriff Jack McLamb
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Sheriff Jack McLambNew World Order Activists
Sheriff Jack McLamb is almost like any other man, in that he's an honorable and decent human being with respect for law and everyone's personal rights. What separates him though is his story. Jack McLamb is to date Arizona's most decorated lawman, a veteran, a highly respected Constitutional lecturer as well as a hostage negotiator for the FBI. Among operating a weekly radio show here on RBN Jack is also an instructor for Arizona Regional Academy, an author, as well as President of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association. Unfortunately Jack's retirement from the force was due to an injury sustained in the arrest of a known drug smuggler but sure enough Jack has not let that stray him from the real line of duty; Bringing news, views, trusted opinion and candor to an audience that he truly loves all by way of The Jack McLamb Show on Republic Broadcasting Network.

"If police officers and soldiers will not enforce tyranny, it will never be enforced!" — Sheriff Jack McLamb


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