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  1. 2009 Patriot Videos
  2. 2009 Headlines
    1. Thermite in WTC Dust
    2. 10,000s Protest G20
    3. MIAC "Terrorist" Lists
    4. Barack Obama
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2009 USA Patrioot News Videos


IMPORTANT 2009 News Stories:

The USA Patriot News will be covering IMPORTANT news stories throughout 2009 about Codex Alimentarius, GMOs, Monsanto, corrupt politicians, collapsing economy, and all of the issues that REALLY matter.

2009/04/03: Active Thermitic Material
Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 WTC Catastrophe

911 Thermite EvidenceWe have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Examination of four of these samples, collected from separate sites, is reported in this paper. These red/gray chips show marked similarities in all four samples.

One sample was collected by a Manhattan resident about ten minutes after the collapse of the second WTC Tower, two the next day, and a fourth about a week later. The properties of these chips were analyzed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

The red material contains grains approximately 100 nm across which are largely iron oxide, while aluminum is contained in tiny plate-like structures. Separation of components using methyl ethyl ketone demonstrated that elemental aluminum is present. The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material.

Thermite Fingerprint: The Loaded Gun

When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms occurring at approximately 430 °C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite.

Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic.


2009/03/28: Tens of thousands protest G20 summit

More than 150 groups threw their backing behind the "Put People First" march. Police said around 35,000 attended the demonstration, but there were large gaps in the line of protesters snaking its way across the city toward Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park.


2009/03/11: Secret State Police MIAC Report:
Ron Paul Stickers, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin,
Gadsden Flag, Libertarians are Terrorists

Gadsden Flag


Trilateral Commission OWNS obama - BUT NOT the USA

Obama CFR Speech

Barack Obama was groomed for the presidency by key members of the Trilateral Commission like Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973, who was Obamaa??s principal foreign policy advisor.

The Trilateral Commission has only 87/337 members from the United States. In less than two weeks since his inauguration in January, Obama's appointments encompass more than 10% of Commission's entire U.S. membership.

1- Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
2- Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
3- National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
4- Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
5- Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
6- Assistant Secretary of State, Asia and Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
7- Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
8- State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass
9- State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross
10- State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrook


Republic Magazine


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