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USA Patriot News Founded in 2008

Welcome to = my USA Patriot website. I have been doing intense political research since about 2004. I'm very well educated and I've learned that what is taught in school is very different from how the REAL world works. To be honest I despise politics, politicians, lawyers, lobbiests, TV, mainstream 'journalists', and basically anything as crooked.

After watching a 9/11 documentary movie on the Internet, I started researching to figure out what REALLY happened on 9/11. It took a lot of time and research before I understood what happened on 9/11, and what THEIR plans were. I was especially upset after learning about the GMO farmer suicides and Monsanto suing American farmers (Future of Food movie) - because I really love corn and potatoes (my grandparents were farmers). During my journey I learned about many horrific topics such as depleted uranium, the truth about war and foreign policy, how the CFR controls public opinion with propaganda from the mainstream media, and many more topics that I really never understood before - probably because we were never taught about this stuff in our American History classes, and you want hear about these topics on TV.

The world really isn't half as complicated as THEY make it appear. The international bankers, big oil men, big pharma, big agri, IG Farben, Monsanto, big media, and the war criminals - are all basically the same people... A cabal of old men with old ways who are barely capable of running the world, much less keeping the secret about the dark side of their illuminati's diabolical plan for a "New World Order". You know who THEY are... THEY print the "FIAT" paper money that you worship as if it were a precios metal like gold. It really doesn't take a lot digging to realize exactly why JFK's strict policy to end wars, disarm hostile WMD, and abolish the Federal Reserve & CIA... really was worth dying for.

After I realized nobody was going to treat our soldiers (and the babies) for DU, I finally decided to help do something about this mess. I engaged in debates in forums and shared resources with many others online who were also researching the same topics as me. I've introduced myself and work with most of the big activist group leaders, some politicians, journalists, even a few network anchors get news from me. Since long before the 2010 Elections, I was already advising the top Liberty Candidates on hard issues like the wars, the Federal Reserve, DU, GMOs, fluoridation, and restoring the Constitutional values like Freedom and Liberty that originally made the USA the greatest place to live on Earth. We've already started working on 2012!

I built and published my research about the 2008 Presidential Election after I learned that the 4 PEACE candidates weren't being allowed to debate on TV. Eventually, I separated the food information from the politics because people interested in Ron Paul weren't really interested in GMO food news, and the organic foodies really weren't interested in political news, Then I moved the international politics to the International Peace Movement after I realized that was getting lots of international traffic from 100+ foreign countries. Recently, I separated the vaccine (H1N1 hoax), cancer, and autism information from to prepare for endorsing 2010 Libery Candidates. My fifth nonprofit website I built after the second week of a lecture I was asked to give on a live radio show about industrial hemp (the radio show lasted 8 hours, aired 4 weeks).

If you have any questions or comments about these websites, please do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way to make this resource better is by loyal Americans telling us what you want - and we'll do our best to provide it.

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Thank you for your time and interest in the USA

- An American Patriot (Founder)

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